Our top-rated service is one-to-one personal, executive, and group coaching.  You determine the goal, we agree on a charted course, and then set sail together.  You are the Capitan, but never without an experienced First Mate.  We have simple tools that don’t impede progress.



We move your agenda forward for offsite business meetings and retreats, seminars, even small group discussions.  We are trained in the LeadershipStrategies facilitation and the Vistage group meeting methodologies.


Career Documents

We have over 10 years of experience developing quality career documents. Our ATS-friendly formats ensure your information reaches the HR/Recruiter intact! 



Since 2009

Combining "seafaring wisdom" with
self discovery technology

In today’s uncertain business environment, experienced leaders and entrepreneurs are bobbing around the sea in lifeboats wondering in which direction to row.  NewView  supports these leaders in clarifying their destinations and moving toward them.

Our approach uses leading practice coaching techniques based in neuroscience and psychogenetics. No other firm offers the combination of candor, Industry knowledge, and Business Experience that can move you to explore the depths of your inner "why". We facilitate your journey as you apply your unique strengths in ways previously unknown to you.

Our highly regarded Career Documents services have supported emerging careers, transitions, and professional growth.

NewView serves some of Southern California's largest organizations and promising start-ups.  We’ve been there for clients moving the revenue arrow to the upper right of the chart, understanding how to align their teams with a vision, or completely re-imagining their world.

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Your future awaits...

Are you ready for the journey?  We offer complimentary half-hour evaluations.  Contact us by pressing the button to the right.